The bain of big Pharma’s existence is the placebo effect.  If your doctor prescribes you a medicine to feel better and unbeknownst to you it’s a sugar pill but you still get better, then you have experienced the placebo effect. It’s the bodies ability to make itself better. Mind over matter. If you think it will happen then it will

So what is the lesson/s here? Some that come to mind are:

  1. Our bodies have an incredible ability to heal without the use of medicine. Activating that ability can be as simple as thinking it. Believing that you can heal is one of the most effect drugs you can find. That belief activates and directs your immune system. Engaging in behavior around food, sleep, exercise, work and relationships help strengthen your belief system. Just changing your behavior is the sugar pill. But make no mistake drug companies do offer us medicines that are more effective than placebo, they spend billions making sure of that. So be careful to know when and and when not to rely on medicine and always engage in behavior that strengthen your belief in your own power.
  2. “Think and Grow Rich” is the title of a well know self help book written in the 1930’s. The title says it all and unless you need further convincing you don’t need to read the book. In the same vein as our ability to self-heal our conviction goes a long way in getting what we want. Whether it’s money, status or an experience the more we believe that is supposed to happen to us the more likely it’ll happen. We all have experienced it to some degree and as you know the road there can be messy and long, but not wavering on belief usually gets you what you want.
  3. Beware of the Nocebo Effect. Just like everything else Placebo has an opposite. Nocebo happens when we take the sugar pill thinking it is poison and we get sick. It’s not easy to turn around the glass is half full thinking because that’s just the way some of us are. So at the very least try to offset Nocebo with the little proactive placebo. Power up the brain!

Consciousness is a gift that can also be a nightmare. It takes work to manage and operate this powerful yet unwieldy brain of ours but give it’s due where deserved and offer it a hand when needed.

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