Last week, Snowflake, the data storage company had its IPO, and despite still loosing hundreds of millions of dollars, its initial price was raised from a whopping $75 per share to $120 per share and it eventually opened at $240 per share!  You may and should say a classic case of irrational exuberance, but Warren Buffet the legendary value investor even threw his hat in the ring ($250 million worth)…granted he probably paid $75 per share.  But more importantly is the emphasis on data storage.  It’s boring but it’s big business led by Amazon, Microsoft and others. Data storage companies are fighting for clients’ data. And the winners will be the most secure, and the most efficient. The data storage wars are just beginning.

The race for better energy storage has been going since we figured out how to start a fire and as one energy company CEO once told me, being able to store huge amounts of energy is the holy grail

Tuesday was “Battery Day”,  the culmination of a marketing campaign by Tesla to build excitement over their future (and quarter end stock price) under the guise of announcing new battery technology.  The genius of this campaign was to tap into our subconscious craving for energy independence.  To be able to be free of having “low charge” stress, expensive gas and electric bills, and for some a cleaner planet.

The 20th century was as dirty as hopefully we will ever be. Oil and coal burned us into a stressed climate.  And the companies who brought us this energy were the biggest and most profitable in the world.  They dominated the stock market and political lobbying. Those days are ending and cleaner power is starting to take over.  But we still have a long way to go.

The holy grail is to be able to drive endless miles without needing to stop to refill, no rolling blackouts, an end to outdated grids, no more worry about charging our phones, less conflict and hopefully a cleaner more sustainable ecosystem.

This may sound far fetched but I can assure you its on the mind of Elon Musk and other’s. Progress will only move forward as fast as it has the energy to do so.


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