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The Power of Placebo

The bain of big Pharma’s existence is the placebo effect.  If your doctor prescribes you a medicine to feel better and unbeknownst to you it’s a sugar pill but you still get better, then you have experienced the placebo effect. It’s the bodies ability to make...


The Beauty and Burden of Credit

The invention of credit is what really kicked capitalism into gear.  And now our daily lives depend on credit, or debt which has become the more familiar term. Business exist and grow because they are able to borrow.  Credit cards make it easy for us to buy stuff....


Beef is Back

Are you sometimes torn between a juicy burger and the possibility of colon cancer or heart disease, or maybe a little guilt over the killing of the animal? Making the rounds in the news this week is a new study that concludes that eating red meat might not be as...


The Magic of Marginal Gains

Last weekend saw the finish of a very exciting Tour de France. Although some of my friends say it’s like watching paint dry. But whatever your cycling watching opinion is there is no doubt that to win the Tour requires an incredible amount of training, teamwork and...

Magic of Marginal Gains

Why all the fees?

Assets Under Management(AUM) is the holy grail of the financial services industry. The quest to accumulate AUM has shaped the products and influenced the sales strategy. A couple of decades ago the golden age of the stock broker started to fade. Charging high...

Beyond Assets Under Management

Mindful Investing

To be mindful when investing is to be aware of the impact of your emotions on the investment decisions and also consider the impact of your investment on the world around you. If you feel fear, joy, hope, impatience, or obsessed when making an investment decision...

Mindful Investing

Alpha Dogs

I’m more and more amazed by how much time and how much money is spent and earned on the process of figuring out what people should invest in and how to make the investment. Most of that time is trying to differentiate an investment strategy so that it’s easier to...

Alpha Dogs

The Middle Path to Investing

If you played around with the compound interest calculator in my last article, you’ll know that the “estimated interest rate” is an unknown but has a huge impact on the outcome. Based on today’s interest rates the hope of growing wealth is dreadful. Your Savings...

The Middle Path


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