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Fun Factor

What’s your reaction  when an experience is fun? Last week Jim Cramer  was talking about Tesla’s stock price’s  recent meteoric run up. From 200 to 640 in 6 months. From 300 to 640 in the last 3 months. Yes they reported positive earnings for two quarters and yes...


The Next Decade

If you invested $100,000 in the S&P500 stock index on January 1, 2010, reinvested the dividends and looked at your balance on New Year’s Day a few weeks ago it would be having been worth about $352,000. If you had been charged a 1% fee advisory on that...



“Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” There is no alternative (TINA) is an old phrase being used today by some as a reason for the highs the stock market has been experiencing. In this TINA market investors are buying stocks...


The Positive Psychology of Investing

Positive Psychology is the science of living a good life. For those of you who have just rolled your eyes, it doesn’t mean we must force ourselves to always think positively. And if it sounds like just another self help book you are right except this one is backed...


Running 26.2 Miles

This past weekend over 50,000 runners started the New York Marathon. Many of you  have given the marathon a go or at least it’s crossed your mind even as a distant thought. Finishing a marathon is extremely difficult, but yet over 500,000 people in the US alone run...


Investment Advice for this Week

Watching the news, scrolling social media, talking to your adviser, hearing about hot stocks at dinner parties, not to mention the complexity of all the available investment products leaves even the most experienced economist and fund manager at a loss of what to...


The Power of Placebo

The bain of big Pharma’s existence is the placebo effect.  If your doctor prescribes you a medicine to feel better and unbeknownst to you it’s a sugar pill but you still get better, then you have experienced the placebo effect. It’s the bodies ability to make...


The Beauty and Burden of Credit

The invention of credit is what really kicked capitalism into gear.  And now our daily lives depend on credit, or debt which has become the more familiar term. Business exist and grow because they are able to borrow.  Credit cards make it easy for us to buy stuff....

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